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Cavallino Matto farmhouse

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Cavallino Matto farmhouse

The Cavallino Matto is the largest fun park in Tuscany. It is located at the center of a pine forest running along the beach of Marina di Castagneto Carducci and is open since 1967.

It opened as a simple playground for kids but over years the administration added several attractions and now it’s a proper fun park for families.

Here you can find the roller-coaster Project 1 and the more adrenalinic stand-up coaster that reaches 90 km/h. And then the Shocking Tower of 50 mt high, cinema 4D, battles with water splashes and for the little ones wood toys, ponies and an educational path simulating the car traffic.

Inside the park there are even some restaurants and bar, candyfloss stalls, ice-cream shops and pic-nic areas where you can rest between an attraction and another.

Seeing the fact that the park is located in a shady place, surrounded by mediterranean nature and close to the sea, Cavallino Matto is very popular with families and young people during the all summer period.